Psychosynthesis therapy in Gothenburg

I am a certified therapist in psychosynthesis and receive clients for individual counselling as well as couples counselling in my practice at Sonya Hedenbratts gata 5 in Örgryte

Do you feel that you want to find more of your inner power, greater joy of life and deeper contact with yourself and others? Or are you going through a crisis or a difficult period in life and feel that you need support and guidance? The reason for seeking therapy can be many. Perhaps you are facing a change in life that feels challenging or scary, it can also be about your will to move forward and to explore more of your inherent power and possibilities. 

When meeting my clients, it is important to me to create a place of space, respect and trust. My goal as a therapist is to meet you in your needs and to guide you to grow as a human being.

At our first meeting, we look together at what it is you want help with and put together a suitable plan for our work.

You are welcome to book an appointment by contacting me via email or telephone. I offer therapy in the form of physical meetings as well as online via Skype or Zoom. 

I accept payment by ActiWay.

"When things are difficult or you are feeling doubt - when you feel the need to do s
omething that scares and challenges you at the depths of your being - you are experiencing growing pain." 

Alana Fairchild