About me - Counselor

As a certified therapist, I have completed my five year training to become a psychosynthesis therapist at Psykosyntesinstitutet in Gothenburg. I have received clients in individual therapy since 2016.

I have a holistic approach and believe in our ability to heal. By turning our focus inward and listen more deeply to our body and soul we can make choices in life that are more in line with our innermost needs and desires and thereby increase our own well-being.

Personal development and our own ability to self-heal have long been of great interest to me. Over the years I have nurtured that interest through attending various courses in energy medicine, such as kinesiology and healing. 

My personal relationship to psychosynthesis deepend when, in year 2013, I began the first year of the five-year training program to become a psychosynthesis therapist. It was the beginning of a longer, deep inner journey that contributed to major changes in my life. 

I also have a degree in business administration and have previously worked many years in fincance, including a number of years in senior management.

As a member of the Psychosynthesis Association, I am committed to the prevailing ethical rules, such as confidentiality. I also have regular meetings with experienced therapists in order to ensure the quality of my own client work.

Welcome to contact me to book an appointment or book a time directly online