About Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is also called the therapy form of hope as it not only focuses on the individual's history but also on a meaningful future. Psychosynthesis dates to 1911 and from the early work of Roberto Assagioli. He was an italian psychologist and one of the pioneers within psychoanalysis. He claimed that Freud had not enough considered the higher aspects of human consciousness, and emphasised our pursue for wholeness, longing and more authenticity.

In psychosynthesis the will is at the center and is seen as an important part of the pursuit for greater unity and our pursue towards a greater ability to direct our lives in the direction we wish. It means working both with what is challenging such as our pain and at the same time with what gives us light and joy.

Each person is seen as unique with his or her unique life path and the methods used in the counselling work are the ones that best support him or her as an individual.

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